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Residential Electricians Medford Oregon
When you need electrical work done for your Medford home, you want an electrician who is experienced and knowledgeable about all facets of electrical safety and efficiency. For many home owners in Medford, the decision is made to rely on the professional electricians of Winters Electric every day. The dangers of improper electrical wiring include electrocution and fire, so this is definitely a situation where you want to have the best person for the job. Winters Electric is skilled in all aspects of electrical work, including installation, repair and maintenance of your entire electrical system. Whether you are remodeling your Medford home, building a new home or have an electrical problem, call the professionals at Winters Electric for all your electrical needs.

Electrical Panel Upgrades
Having your electrical panel inspected and upgraded is a very important part of home ownership in Medford, as it assures you that your home’s electricity is not putting your home at risk for any dangerous problems. Overloading your electrical panel can lead to fires, electrocution or can simply cause your electricity to go out, which is inconvenient to say the least. When you trust in Winters Electric, we will come out to your home and do a thorough inspection that includes making sure your home is safe and that you are compliant with your homeowner’s insurance company policy. Older homes are even more susceptible to safety hazards due to overloaded electrical panels. We will even make sure that you are getting sufficient power to your home, so that your appliances and equipment are running as effectively as they are meant to.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Lighting that is properly installed around your landscaping can add to the value and beauty of your Medford home. Outdoor landscape lighting can even be a safety feature of your home, as it creates safer pathways for your loved ones, reducing falls and injuries. Outdoor landscape lighting can even lessen the chance that your home will be burglarized and targeted by trespassers. Winters Electric can examine your yard and landscaping and help you come up with a plan that will be both functional and beautiful for your home.

Ceiling Fan Installation
Ceiling fans can help many aspects of your Medford home. They can keep your air conditioning bills lower during the hot summer months and they create a movement of air that keeps your family breathing air that has fresh and clean feeling. During the spring and fall months, many of us can agree that keeping the windows open and the ceiling fans running can create a lovely temperature and atmosphere in the home. However, if ceiling fans are not installed correctly, they can be quite dangerous for your family and home. A ceiling fan that is improperly installed can even lead to an electrical fire. Rely on the professionals at Winters Electric to install your ceiling fan and make sure it is properly connected to your home’s electrical system.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
It is not only extremely important to have the right smoke and carbon monoxide alarms installed in your Medford home, there are also many laws regarding them. Because these alarms save thousands of lives per year, it is not something to not handle correctly. Winters Electric is well knowledgeable about the laws and safety aspects of how many alarms your home needs, where they should be installed and how often they should be checked to ensure they are working properly and ready to alert your family in case of an emergency.

Swimming Pools
Swimming pools are a luxury that many families in Medford enjoy throughout the hot days of summer. There are many different kinds and sizes of swimming pools and hot tubs and they all have different requirements for electricity. The motor, filters, blowers and pumps are all connected to electricity and if not connected properly can lead to dangerous situations, especially since there is water involved. Winters Electric can even assist you with the lighting that surrounds and is inside your swimming pool or hot tub, adding to the safety and beauty of your backyard.

Specialty Lighting
Whether you are remodeling your living space or building new construction, specialty lighting may be a consideration for your Medford home. Specialty lighting such as track or accent lighting can add to the loveliness of the family that resides there. In addition to adding to the beauty of your home, specialty lighting can also add to the value of your home. Winters Electric is experienced in all different types of lighting, fixtures and will help you make a decision that you will be pleased with for many years to come.