Winters Electrical Generators Medford Oregon

At Winters Electric in Medford, we believe in offering our customers everything that they may need in regards to their electrical needs. This means that along with electric work such as the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical outlets, panels and power lines, we also provide other products and services. For home owners as well as all types of businesses and industries, we want to be the company that Medford residents continue to think of when they need services for all their electrical needs. Winters Electric always provides quality equipment that we are fully licensed to install, repair and maintain as needed. One of the important products that we provide to our customers is that of electrical generators.

An electric generator is designed to convert mechanical energy to electric energy in times that electricity may not be able to be used or is not functioning properly during a power outage or circuit overload which causes a break in available power. A generator works by forcing an electric current to run through an external circuit and creating usable electricity. Generators draw mechanical energy from a multitude of sources. Some of the most common sources are a turbine steam engine, water flowing through a turbine or waterwheel, an internal combustion engine, a wind turbine, a hand crank or compressed air. Generators of the past were less efficient, because they created a high voltage and low current. Today’s generators are just as effective as their electrical power counterpart and are successfully able to generate power to anything from a small television to an entire hospital, depending upon the amount of wattages and size.

Generators can be found in both residential and commercial dwellings and buildings to alleviate the inconveniences associated with a lack of power. A lack of power could mean no air conditioning in the summer, no heat in the winter and even a lack of hot water for your shower, if your water heater works on electricity instead of gas. More problematic than that, when a company has an electricity shortage, devastating things can happen. For example, a restaurants food supply could be lost and a grocery store’s entire frozen food inventory could spoil. These increase the need and importance for an adequate generator. While we do understand that your family’s home is certainly impacted during a power outage, it is especially important for a business to have a generator of some kind in case of a break in power, since that can mean a loss of business, customers and ultimately, revenue.

Winters Electric is a certified Eaton electrical contractor, because we believe that is the best line of electrical generators available on the market today. Eaton electrical generators are available in both emergency and stand by models, and both come with a limited lifetime warranty from us. Our customers can save money and lower their fuel emissions with the green line of Eaton’s Automatic Transfer Switches. The ATS works to maximize the output of a smaller generator to reduce the fuel consumption, emissions and total costs overall. These units also help prevent an electrical overload, because they have the ability to manage two large loads at once. This is successfully handled because the Automatic Transfer Switches will not allow the controlled loads to run unless there is an adequate amount of power available for the loads to start.

Winters Electric in Medford believes in quality service, for whatever your electric needs are, including electric generators so that your business can continue to thrive even during the difficulties of a power outage emergency. Whatever style of generator you need for whatever kind of business you are in, Winters Electric of Medford will be there for you all along the way. If your existing generator is not performing up to par and you need it inspected, you can call us and we will respond quickly to get it fixed before you need to use it in an emergency situation. If you are in need of a generator upgrade because your business has grown and you need to power more things, we would feel honored to be part of your success! Our electricians are all certified in all aspects of generator services, as well as being licensed and insured electricians. We take every part of our job seriously and look forward to showing you our high end customer service standards. You can count on our expert electricians to assist you with everything from choosing the right generator to the delivery, installation, repair and important maintenance checkups along the way. Count on Winters Electric for all of your generator needs!