Commercial Electric Services from Winters Electric

Properly working electrical services are important to keeping your business open, and your employees productive. Winters Electric has experience working in commercial buildings, tending to maintenance, repairs, and replacements as needed. Whatever help you need, Winters Electric will provide quality workmanship and stellar customer service. Let us help you with your Medford business’s electrical needs.


Electrical Panel Upgrades


Just like the one at your home, your building’s electrical panel is one of the central aspects to supplying power to your building. Overloaded panels can lead to fire, electrocution, loss of electricity, even higher energy bills. As such, you need to perform regular maintenance or upgrade your panel, as necessary.


Winters Electric will conduct an inspection of your business’s electrical system, checking for safety and insurance requirements and seeing if your panel is due for an upgrade. If it is, we can perform the necessary work with minimal interruptions, letting your work run safely and smoothly.


Security Lighting


Security lighting helps discourage criminal activity, protecting your business from lost inventory and revenue. We will conduct an evaluation of the inside and outside of your building, and then give you our recommended plan for how to best set up security lights. When you’re ready to go, we can help you set up your system and help keep your assets safe.


Code Consulting


Part of any commercial operation is keeping up to date with all codes required to hold a business license. If you need to adjust your electrical wiring or just want to make sure your building follows compliance standards, we can conduct an inspection and repair any areas that need it, letting you focus on growing your business.


Special Lighting and Remodeling


Lighting can play a role in how potential customers view your business space, so you want to have the best setup possible. Winters Electric can add accent, track, and other types of specialty lighting to help give your building the desired feel. Thinking of remodeling an area? We can help manage any electrical installations or adjustments necessary.


As a business owner, you have plenty of things to think about. Don’t worry that your electrical system isn’t up to date. Trust Winters Electric to provide quality service for all your Medford commercial electricity needs.

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