4 Benefits of Having a Pool Installed This Spring

Medford, Oregon residents know how warm it can get in the summer. When you have a pool in your back yard, cooling off on a hot day can be as easy as taking a few steps outdoors. Getting a pool installed this spring is the best way to prepare for the heat wave just around the corner. Here are a few of the many benefits of installing a pool in your Oregon property this season.

Excellent Exercise

Swimming is not only fun, but it is also an exceptional way to get exercise and maintain your general health. Going for a swim is a full-body workout and is one of the best cardiovascular exercises of all time. Having easy access to a pool can promote flexibility, stamina, and weight loss. It can also be a perfect means of fitting a work out into your schedule without having to go to a gym. Swimming is much less stressful on your joints compared to other fitness activities such as cycling, running, or using an elliptical machine.

Social Activities

Swimming can be a fun social activity, which makes a pool a great choice for those who enjoy hosting parties and inviting guests over. A pool provides a backdrop for a host of different warm-weather occasions like barbecues and parties where guests of all ages can participate in group activities and water games.

Alleviates Stress

Much like other bodies of water, the presence of a pool creates a calming, serene environment. which is why taking a leisurely dip in the water or even simply relaxing at poolside can decrease stress levels substantially. This peaceful atmosphere is nearly impossible to experience at a public pool or a beach with crowds of families and children everywhere. Having a pool in your yard offers you access to this tranquil setting that would otherwise be difficult to find.


Installing a pool is like creating a backyard entertainment center, which is an ideal setting for families to spend time together. With the kids home during the summer, having a pool presents the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together and cultivate stronger familial bonds.

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