Trust the Pros for Electrical Fire Prevention

Between 2010 and 2014, fire departments around the country responded to about 45,210 home electrical fires and 16,070 non-home electrical fires. These fires caused thousands of injuries, hundreds of deaths, and over $1 billion in property damage. Electrical failures and malfunctions are common causes of structure fires, and they are often preventable. Scheduling routine electrical checks for your home or business can help you prevent this type of disaster.

Electrical Fire Hazards in Winter

While an electrical fire can start any time of the year, there are things people do as the temperatures drop that put more strain on electrical systems. Stringing up holiday lights, taking last year’s space heaters out of retirement, and cranking up the heat all pose fire hazards without proper attention from a professional electrician. Watch for these common causes of electrical fires to keep your family safe this season:

  • Extension cords for holiday lights
  • Kitchen and cooking equipment
  • Clothes dryers
  • Space heaters or portable heaters
  • Overloaded transformers and power supplies
  • Short circuits
  • Old or broken generators
  • Worn or damaged cords and plugs
  • Lamps and light fixtures
  • Hot water heaters and furnaces
  • Electric fireplaces
  • Defective or worn insulation
  • Water damage from precipitation
  • HVAC systems

Hire qualified electricians in Medford to thoroughly inspect your home or business’s electrical system and equipment this fall to help prevent wintertime structure fires. If you’re dusting off equipment you haven’t used since last winter, get a professional to ensure its safety before plugging it in or turning it on.

Electrical Fire Safety Tips

Install smoke detectors on every level of your home, as well as in every bedroom. Test detectors regularly. Purchase fire extinguishers and have them close to common locations for fires, such as kitchens. Establish an evacuation plan in case of a fire emergency. Never use extension cords with space heaters and avoid overloading your outlets. When in doubt, call Winters Electric.





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