4 Electrical Projects You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

15846129_sBeing able to make repairs to your home is a useful skill that every homeowner should acquire. However, it’s important to recognize the limits of a nonprofessional, especially when handling dangerous electrical equipment. Most electrical projects are not DIY friendly. If you’re considering taking on an electrical project, repair, or new installation on your own, make sure it’s not one of these four:

Upgrading Electrical Panels

You may need to upgrade your electrical service panel to adequately supply your home or business with electricity to power your lights and appliances. Circuit breaker upgrades are complex projects that entail extremely complicated processes. An amateur should never attempt to upgrade electrical panels or remove old breaker boxes because of the risks of electrocution, fire, and power outage.

Installing Outlets

Completing a new outlet installation in your building safely and effectively requires professional knowledge, as does replacing old outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). For either of these services, trust a professional electrician. Adding outlets requires cutting your drywall and replacing parts of your wiring. Improper grounding can result in loss of power or a house fire.

Adding Outdoor Lighting

Brightening up your outdoor living space requires more than just a simple light fixture installation. You must take into account your electrical panel’s capacity, existing wiring, and properly grounded wires for the outdoors. An electrician can help you select lighting that is appropriate for you needs and that can safely withstand outdoor elements.

Solving Rusty Service Panels

Rust on your permanent fixtures or service panel indicates a problem with the level of moisture and humidity in your home. It can also signal that your appliance has deteriorated and requires replacement. If you see signs of rust or corrosion, call in a professional to find the source of the problem and prevent the same issue in the future.

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